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I wonder how any belief system can lead people to do extremes. The below is a snapshot from someone’s Facebook wall (Names/Details hidden so not to violate anyone’s privacy).


Although I took this screenshot and wanted to share it with a lighter shade, the events in Boston the past week has reduced the humor in this a bit. In addition, this news item I read yesterday made me a bit distraught and angry. While I can’t help but think about those who lost their limbs, arms and loved ones in Boston on April 15, 2013 thanks to two poisoned young minds, there are also people like the couple in the news item above who take their belief system to a level which really warrants the kind of reaction they got from the judge who wants the parents to be in jail. Needless to say, I am on the judge’s side.

Even though the Boston incident and the above PA incident were driven by two different belief systems, to me they are the same. Dirt is Dirt..Doesn’t matter how much you got on your shirt. You got to launder your shirt. Right?  The belief systems are like that.

Who is one to judge another?

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And then they voted NO

These are the 46 senators (one picture is missing)..Have said it enough times. But I am still unable to fathom how a simple background check is a NO for these wingnuts.

Senators who voted NO
Senators who voted NO

This will remain a curse on the country. Good intention alone isn’t enough. Read that as, good intention of almost 90% of the country isn’t enough. 
How else can you explain these senators pissing on even a highly watered down version (no pun intended) of the original legislation?

So be prepared to keep reading similar tragic stories every few months..and also be prepared to see lobbyists and politicians continue to blame mental health, but not do s&*t about preventing some of these from happening. They will continue to sit on their so-called ‘individual freedom couches & preach misconstrued 18th century constitutional ideologies to the rest of us…while the world around them transforms.

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Twisted Priorities

A father runs a marathon. He is almost at the finish line.

His family is there by the finish line…by the sidewalk to cheer him. Because the father deserves it. After all, who else but his family to be there and be his best cheering squad?

And then the explosion.

His 8 year old son dies.

His 6 year old daughter loses a limb.

His wife is severely injured and requires brain surgery.


And at the very same moment, I was in my own world, complaining of my work and the usual rigmaroles associated with the the tax filing process, what with that day being the tax day.

Whoever was responsible for cutting that 8 year old boy’s life short and all of the above, was probably smiling somewhere, at that moment.


Surely, Humanity has its priorities twisted.

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விஜய ஆண்டினை வரவேற்கும் அனைவருக்கும் அன்பான நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

Yes. Yes. There has been a severe lack of motivation from my end to blog. I feel that is a lot to do with my preoccupation with what I am doing at work. This may have been the first time in the last 5 years, I have used work as an excuse for lack of my blogging. Ha. Ha. Don’t know if it is a good reason or not. But certainly not the outcome I welcome no matter what the reason could have been.

Anyways, New year greetings to all who are celebrating it today. On that note, isn’t New year simply a man made occasion to give everyone an opportunity to start things off freshly? I believe in that. We human beings have a heavy dependency on our mental health compared to other animals in the kingdom of earth. So it is important to make sure that our minds are fresh & positive all the time.

New year is one of the many inventions by human beings to try to do exactly that.

So, Happy New year. Here’s to another fresh start…!