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I wonder how any belief system can lead people to do extremes. The below is a snapshot from someone’s Facebook wall (Names/Details hidden so not to violate anyone’s privacy).


Although I took this screenshot and wanted to share it with a lighter shade, the events in Boston the past week has reduced the humor in this a bit. In addition, this news item I read yesterday made me a bit distraught and angry. While I can’t help but think about those who lost their limbs, arms and loved ones in Boston on April 15, 2013 thanks to two poisoned young minds, there are also people like the couple in the news item above who take their belief system to a level which really warrants the kind of reaction they got from the judge who wants the parents to be in jail. Needless to say, I am on the judge’s side.

Even though the Boston incident and the above PA incident were driven by two different belief systems, to me they are the same. Dirt is Dirt..Doesn’t matter how much you got on your shirt. You got to launder your shirt. Right?  The belief systems are like that.

Who is one to judge another?