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Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Been meaning to watch this movie for a while. When I was flipping through channels the other day, I stopped by the channel which had this movie on, right on time.
What a smooth movie this turned out to be. I use the word smooth for a specific reason. The story moved smoothly. The plot was unique. The characters were new – of course, because the plot was unique you would expect that. But their circumstances were not presented too dramatically. As in, even when the story had a critical incident or when there was a dramatic twist in the plot, the screenplay didn’t present those in a predictable dramatic way.

If I have one complaint about the movie, it would be around a few all too predictable & cliched backdrops of the characters. Take for instance the very fact that the consultant who takes up the fishing project to begin with is a ‘female’ while the fishing expert (our lead protagonist) is a ‘male’. Or the main character’s unhappy marriage and the female lead’s tragic (almost) end to her boyfriend. Or even how the female lead is forced to choose between the two towards the end.

Fortunately, the above (the whole romantic plot which seemed forced) was not the main story and hence notwithstanding me listing them above, I still was able to overlook them and give the movie a big thumbs up just for the uniqueness of the plot and for the wonderful british humor that is sprinkled throughout the movie. I loved it. Every bit of the dry humor.

Oh, by the way, I have become a fan of Emily Blunt.