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My first assignment

What was the big deal? So far, all my amateur musical creations have been self-commissioned. Been doing that for myself. But for the first time, someone asked me to help out – musically speaking.

It is not a paid assignment. This is for a local Telugu Manabadi chapter (that teaches language & culture to kids).

The assignment itself can be classified into two projects:

1) A skit (Bhukailasam)

2) BGM for historic characters

Those of you who are not familiar with Bhukailash or Bhukailasam – Please check this link if you are interested in the legend that this particular skit is loosely based on.

And those of you who have been following the blog know only too well, that religion and I are poles apart. As a friend of mine asked me, how did I agree to do this? My answer was simple. Music composition is a creative process/challenge for me and it doesn’t matter where the story is set – Be it Israel, Nepal, Sri Lanka or Mecca, I would have created music with the same enthusiasm.

I was not involved in writing the story – Nor am I directing this. I may even have taken a director assignment of this story, as long as the story is not mine because as a Director I still would have found it challenging my creative brains. Anyways, the story of the skit being a Hindu mythological one, probably reduced my challenge level by 50% due to my background, but the musically, creative process was still the same. Enjoyed every second.

The other project though, I absolutely loved it because each piece was entirely different.

Here are both the albums:

Bhukailasam (OST)

Entaro Mahanu Bhavulu – Character Intro (OST)

Both the above are being staged today (approximately 2 hours from now somewhere in Michigan), while I am far away with a sober thought that I actually am not going to witness my music being played out loud in an auditorium in front of a live audience.

Please share your thoughts & feedback.