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So long old friend JJ…

Never realized how much of a fan I am of JJ Cale till I read the news of his passing away this morning. He probably was one of those few ones who made such a dent into my early music listening years so subtly and so indirectly, that if someone asked me, even as late as yesterday to list my top 15 or 20 favorite musicians of all time, I probably wouldn’t have thought of JJ.

I have been listening to his music almost non-stop all of today. I have to admit I am sad. Sad because there won’t be new music from him anymore. But there is enough he has left for us to make his presence felt for a very long time.

So long my old friend!

How you been?

It would be so nice to see you, my old friend
What’s been going on?
Are you still singing that same old song?
Has your days been treating you well?
Are the nights still cold as hell?
It would be so nice to hear from you again
My old friend

I hear all the old folks are gone, I guess we’re the ones now
That’s the way it goes, those crowded days are behind us now

May your backside catch the wind
May you have many more days to spend
I could see you again,

my old friend

We always knew those days would forever last
And all those friends we had would never pass
But they did and the numbers grow small
For a time we had it all
Like to see you again sometime
I’ll try to call, my old friend

May your backside catch the wind
May you have many more days to spend
I could see you again,
my old friend

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Raanjhnaa – Q&A

The question:

Does the movie work?

The answer:


The other question:

If I am not a South Indian and not familiar with Dhanush’s body of work, would I still have enjoyed the movie?

The answer to the other question:

Hmm. Hard to say. I would like to believe that I would have still enjoyed the movie because Dhanush doesn’t overdo his emotions. And even in all those ‘supposedly stalking’ scenes, he is the only reason why the viewer actually doesn’t think of what he does as stalking and sympathize with Kundan. (BTW, since when stalking become unacceptable in Indian movies? As far as I can tell, this has been going on since the 1950s in different forms. I am not defending stalking. Just raising the question why these double standards??)

And the other other question:

Are there any weaknesses in the plot?

And the answer to the other other question:

Several. But Anand Rai does a fine job of letting the script jump from one plot stop to another so quickly, which when combined with no overdone emotions/scenes ensure that the silliness of certain moments doesn’t find a place to rest in our long term memories. I should also add that the casting was near perfect (Sonam Kapoor pulls off a stunning a performance)

The final question:

Does AR..

The final answer:

Sorry to interrupt. I know what you are asking. Yes. AR Rahman’s music definitely carries the movie. Very well balanced BGM and all that. But full credit to Anand Rai for giving the music the respect it deserves.