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Raanjhnaa – Q&A

The question:

Does the movie work?

The answer:


The other question:

If I am not a South Indian and not familiar with Dhanush’s body of work, would I still have enjoyed the movie?

The answer to the other question:

Hmm. Hard to say. I would like to believe that I would have still enjoyed the movie because Dhanush doesn’t overdo his emotions. And even in all those ‘supposedly stalking’ scenes, he is the only reason why the viewer actually doesn’t think of what he does as stalking and sympathize with Kundan. (BTW, since when stalking become unacceptable in Indian movies? As far as I can tell, this has been going on since the 1950s in different forms. I am not defending stalking. Just raising the question why these double standards??)

And the other other question:

Are there any weaknesses in the plot?

And the answer to the other other question:

Several. But Anand Rai does a fine job of letting the script jump from one plot stop to another so quickly, which when combined with no overdone emotions/scenes ensure that the silliness of certain moments doesn’t find a place to rest in our long term memories. I should also add that the casting was near perfect (Sonam Kapoor pulls off a stunning a performance)

The final question:

Does AR..

The final answer:

Sorry to interrupt. I know what you are asking. Yes. AR Rahman’s music definitely carries the movie. Very well balanced BGM and all that. But full credit to Anand Rai for giving the music the respect it deserves.


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