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Cultural Imbalance – Mental health issues and gun violence

Another mass murder just happened. Yes, a guy supposedly with some kind of mental illness randomly killed 12 people. 12 people whose lives never intersected with his till that day.

The gun lobby is already ready with its message and once again, it will be able to win this argument, because the other voices will either be suppressed or will be made traitorous. This has happened over and over again.

I have a very strong anti-gun stand. But I also have worked hard without any prejudice  to try to understand the real essence of the American addiction to guns or fascination for guns. I have certainly not passed on any judgement while trying to understand what is perceived to be an important fabric of the American constitution. Yes, it is hard – very very hard for people who come any other culture to understand, leave alone appreciate that addiction.

The gun problem that is beginning to define this culture, of late – at least in the rest of the world’s eyes, is not something that came about overnight. But why is it that we seem to be discussing this more and more of late? Are there statistics to prove that the gun related killings have really increased in America of late? Or is it because of access to information and overexposure to the news cycles through TV and social media that is exaggerating the problem?

As the gun lovers would love to say, it is ‘people’ who kill people. And not guns. True – but that is as stupid an argument as anything because it can’t be countered in a logical way. It is more of a social sense, if you have any, that will drive you to see the utter ridiculousness and the nonsensical nature of of such a stupid argument. So, I know I can’t convince a gun lover with this argument…

Again, as the gun lobbyists would like to point out, the problem is with the rise of mental illness in the country.

Here is my argument:

There are other countries in the world that have to deal with mental health issues as well – USA is not alone in this. Why is it that mass killings are less in countries like the UK, Australia, Japan or Germany where reportedly, the number of mentally sick people are in proportion to what USA has..?

Background checks, stricter gun laws, etc. – These are for the lawmakers to address. Any government, irrespective of the leader or the political party will NOT be able to ban guns in America. I certainly don’t see this happening anytime in the near future.

If I have to accept the fact that there will be those who will continue to accumulate weapons all around me and then there will be these mass killings every now & then because of mentally ill people, which in a growing society (population wise), will be almost impossible to control as long as the access to mass killing weapons is unrestricted and equal for all, then what kind of a cultural imbalance am I indirectly witnessing & may even be contributing to?

Perhaps, you, me and all of us are responsible for contributing to the American cultural imbalance.

Life goes on. But only for some of us. For those 12 who lost their lives at the Naval Yard in DC, their lives ceased to exist on 09/16/2013.