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Little Eddie

Little Eddie – The President of the  ‘United Confederacy of Stupid and Incompetent’

Little Eddie
Little Eddie

There once was a man from Cuba –

Who ended up in Alberta by traveling over Florida and Manitoba;

He met a girl from Delaware –

Soon they were a couple,  as everyone in the oil business was made aware.

Little Eddie Rafael was born in Calagary –

Tantrum was the kid’s middle name, as he was always angry.

The man, his wife and Little Eddie –

They all moved to Texas sometime after Nineteen Seventy.

Houston may have taught Eddie some bucolics –

But it was Princeton and Harvard that got him into politics.

Eddie the boy, now was a man –

So grown up, he took up jobs to be a law man.

Bush, Cheney and Boehner took him under their wings,

Feeding him all the tricks of their conservative stings.

Fictitious lure of the free market and the baptist church –

Pushed Eddie to build an imaginary world, with hatred for the poor and love for the rich.

A few years later, Ted, the imbalanced Texan, caught a Tea Party Express train –

Little did anyone know that this journey could later cause the country so much pain.

Ted ran for the ‘Office’ in the year Twenty Twelve –

DeMint, Palin, Ron, Rand Paul and many more just let him delve.

Paranoia, Hatred, Narrowness, Imagination or something in his hair  –

May have contributed to Ted’s ‘this’ obsessed nightmare.

Perhaps Ted didn’t want everyone around him to have good Healthcare –

Or he was just worried about people falling in love with the ‘Act of Affordable Healthcare’.

So, he took it upon himself to read ‘The Green Eggs and Ham’ on the senate floor –

‘Cos he wanted to shut the government door.

His colleagues squirmed, twitched, yelled and screamed –

Yet the unrepentant Ted was bent on having the government employees creamed.

Days went by, and the little Eddie started to show up –

Tantrums were thrown, angry voices were raised and he just wouldn’t shut up.

Seeing his plan become a train wreck, He had no choice but to give up –

His colleagues spat on him and asked him to grow up!

Till date, no one really knows much about Little Eddie’s aspirations –

Except may be, he wants to secede from the federal government and all its possessions.

So do you think he may be better off being the President –

Of his own Republic of the ‘United Confederacy of Stupid and Incompetent‘?

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It’s just another day (of shutdown)!!

Yes, we Americans, want democracy everywhere in the world except sometimes, when it matters a lot for us….

We sometimes will kidnap our democratic government & hold it as a hostage by asking for a duly passed law (and upheld by Supreme Court) as ransom.

In the process, we may sabotage the democratic process that we so dearly want the rest of the world to fall in love with & adopt (never mind the fact that we may show our affection through violent means occasionally).

We will sometimes forget what matters the most (‘humanity’ as an example) and instead resort to fear mongering of apocalyptic terms by denying some basic privileges to our own citizens.
And in the process **we will fart on our own democratic values, but won’t hesitate to point at the dog..(**Jon Stewart reference)!!

It’s just another day in the land of opportunities. Good luck, if you had bet your opportunity, which requires any of the government agencies to function normally.

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Clearing it (காலைப் பனி)

காலைப் பனியின் அணைப்பு

சாலை எங்கும் விரிப்பு


இங்கும் அங்கும் வியப்பு

எங்கோ எங்கோ நினைப்பு


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Democratic America – Where art thou?

In the past few months, I have been less and less active here for reasons hard to analyze. In fact, my overall creative output seems to have hit a low in the last 2-3 months. I was getting worried.

And then the ‘House of Turds’ happened. Yes. Last night, they proved everyone right by not passing a simple vote to move forward. I mean, move the country forward.

So here is the question:

Since when, threatening the basic functioning of a government by holding one of the laws passed by the very government as ransom, has become acceptable to the mainstream media and normal public, in a democracy??

Seriously. I am not asking this question with any political inclination. It is a simple question from a concerned citizen.

If it is acceptable to do so, why should our country be thought of ‘superior’ to any 2nd or 3rd  world country fighting to adapt to a clean democratic model? Do we have any moral grounds in preaching democracy to the rest of the world?

Honestly, I think, we, normal citizens are losing the big picture here – We are forgetting that we are being held prisoners and hostages by tea party extremists. By American conservative terrorists.

How do we free ourselves from this? How do we have our voices – voices of rationalistic citizens of America heard?

How do we find out exactly how we lost our firm footing on democracy so that we can trace our way back, in order to prevent this from happening again? How do we absolutely make sure that this highly dysfunctional body of American Congress stops ‘boozing’ and starts implementing term limits…?