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Democratic America – Where art thou?

In the past few months, I have been less and less active here for reasons hard to analyze. In fact, my overall creative output seems to have hit a low in the last 2-3 months. I was getting worried.

And then the ‘House of Turds’ happened. Yes. Last night, they proved everyone right by not passing a simple vote to move forward. I mean, move the country forward.

So here is the question:

Since when, threatening the basic functioning of a government by holding one of the laws passed by the very government as ransom, has become acceptable to the mainstream media and normal public, in a democracy??

Seriously. I am not asking this question with any political inclination. It is a simple question from a concerned citizen.

If it is acceptable to do so, why should our country be thought of ‘superior’ to any 2nd or 3rd  world country fighting to adapt to a clean democratic model? Do we have any moral grounds in preaching democracy to the rest of the world?

Honestly, I think, we, normal citizens are losing the big picture here – We are forgetting that we are being held prisoners and hostages by tea party extremists. By American conservative terrorists.

How do we free ourselves from this? How do we have our voices – voices of rationalistic citizens of America heard?

How do we find out exactly how we lost our firm footing on democracy so that we can trace our way back, in order to prevent this from happening again? How do we absolutely make sure that this highly dysfunctional body of American Congress stops ‘boozing’ and starts implementing term limits…?