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It’s just another day (of shutdown)!!

Yes, we Americans, want democracy everywhere in the world except sometimes, when it matters a lot for us….

We sometimes will kidnap our democratic government & hold it as a hostage by asking for a duly passed law (and upheld by Supreme Court) as ransom.

In the process, we may sabotage the democratic process that we so dearly want the rest of the world to fall in love with & adopt (never mind the fact that we may show our affection through violent means occasionally).

We will sometimes forget what matters the most (‘humanity’ as an example) and instead resort to fear mongering of apocalyptic terms by denying some basic privileges to our own citizens.
And in the process **we will fart on our own democratic values, but won’t hesitate to point at the dog..(**Jon Stewart reference)!!

It’s just another day in the land of opportunities. Good luck, if you had bet your opportunity, which requires any of the government agencies to function normally.