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The Sounds of Hawaii

The Sounds of Hawaii

I hear a roar – I hear a thundery roar. Alas! It must be the rising surf.

I hear a moo – I hear a wailing moo. Alas! It must be the paining calf.

I hear a quack – I hear a lulling quack. Oh, it must be the learning lad.

I hear a sniff – I hear a sorry sniff. Oh, it must be another day with the board.


Specks of sand, clicks of glass and the warmth of wintry sun.

Schools of fish, slicks of wish and the wealth of island fun.

Rows of boats, docks of oars and the smell of promising tan.

Burrows of castles, flocks of children, bring out a sound, only Hawaii can.


Besides fantasizing about being a Peter Gibbons at least for a couple of days at my work, I think I have a long way to go to realize some of the other fantasies. But like any ambitious man out there, I will get there! Note: All views expressed in this blog are mine alone and have got nothing to do with my company Cogent IBS, Inc., its employees or any of its affiliates.

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