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The LEGO Movie

Lego Movie
Lego Movie

Let me start this post off by saying that this is not a review of ‘The Lego Movie’. I will also warn you that I loved the movie – so you are not going to find any negatives. Period. Ready then?

  • The movie is beyond anything you could ever expect in a single animated movie.  “Outstanding” is the best word that summarizes it.
  • The story, the plot, the characters, the silliness, the self spoofs, the amazing one liners and most importantly the lead character of the movie – ‘lego’ & how it influenced the animation technique used – Pick anything, they all were simply outstanding.
  • In which other movie have you seen Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Dumbledore, Gandalf and even Morgan Freeman’s voice get together to fight against an evil business/corporate.  Imagine that! And all that without anyone insulting another because they all are led by a common man in this fight – a bimbo. That’s right.
  • In the end, the movie brings a closure of sorts, much like ‘Toy Story’ in a very humanly way. Not that I am a sucker for such emotions. But it simply made some sense in a weird cinematic way. And it was powerful.
  • Heard of bad songs? Heard of bad songs that stick with you? Heard of bad songs deliberately made to stick with you? Well you have al album full here.

That’s all I can say without giving away too much of the plot.
Go watch it because “Everything is amazing”!
[* After I published the review above, I read this – I felt good because someone else noticed what I covered in my fourth bullet point above & decided to focus the review entirely on that aspect *]


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