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A Disney Rune

A Disney Rune

The bridles, the griddles, the juggles,

The wiggles, the niggles and the giggles.

The campers, the scampers, the tampers,

The jumpers, the pumpers and the bumpers.

A ride to the top and a tide before we hop,

A swirl for the heat and a twirl to test our feet.

A twist for the thrill and some mist as we go downhill,

A ring for one, a cling for many and we sing to Teddy.

An orange, peeled and squeezed,

An ice-cream, filled and scooped.

An apple, candied with caramel,

An evening full of fantasies made real.

Oh, Wonderful world of Walt Disney!

Why would you be so harsh on my money?

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Winter Enough

Winter Enough


Out of Sync 
Or In sync…?
the winter threw all at us ,
but the kitchen sink.

Let me think..
Let me think..

May be the Ice Cave,
Up North;
Was too precious
To handle the heat wave?

Perhaps the Potholes
Around our City belt,
Were too dangerous
If the snow would melt?

Oh, wait! I know I know
The fault lies
with all of us
who couldn’t handle the cold somehow..

Outta here you go
Gotta feel better by now.
Wanna sing some wintry blues,
But I am just gonna put on my running shoes.