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In Search of God – Part II

When I wrote the last piece, I really didn’t think I would continue to write on that topic. Least of all, I really didn’t plan on the immediate next post being the next part of what now looks like a series in making. Oh well. Blogging is full of surprises. Like Life. You never know where you are going to get the idea for the next post from.

But in Part II, I will keep it really short. While searching for god, which apparently I am now, because I am writing about it, a great thought occurred to me. “Greatness” being bestowed upon it by myself.

The luckiest job on this planet is to be someone else’s God.

When shit happens, they take all the blame on themselves.

When shit stops happening to them or even when the smallest of something good happens to them (leave alone anything really really good), you, as their God, get all the credit.  Yes, YOU get ALL the credit!


Isn’t that fabulous?