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The fine line…

You know the fine line between fanaticism and adulation?

Sometimes, we human beings cross that very easily. We cross that line from adulation/admiration to hardcore fanaticism. I also think people from the Indian subcontinent cross that line more often and more easily than others.

Point in case is the Rajdeep Sardesai episode outside Madison Square Garden earlier today in New York City. (Sep 28, 2014).

The apologists of the guy, who slapped or punched Sardesai, actually have the guts to come out in full force and claim that Sardesai deserved that slap because he invited the reaction by asking questions about Modi.

I don’t know how different the Sardesai slap apologists’ reaction is from let’s say a rape apologists’ (who tend to blame the victims for dressing in a provocative manner).

Sadly, this is what we have come to.

Sadly, this is what the Indian sycophancy has come to.

Sadly, this is the danger of letting admiration and adulation cross that fine line.

Note: I am not a fan of Sardesai. I don’t even know him well as I don’t live in India and have never followed his news programs. I know him as a reputed journalist. That’s all. And his profession needs respect. And he as a human being needs some respect. Like you and me.

So. Please stop justifying what happened today.

PS: (Added on Sep 29, 11:20 AM Eastern Time)

Also, by now most of you must have read the “supposed first hand accounts” of what really happened.

When you have a moment, if you are objective enough, please read this. For the record, this is also a first hand account.

This is exactly the India  I am afraid of…
An India that encourages mob attacks.
An India that ignites itself to violence based on emotional outbursts.
An India that cannot stand itself to be objective.
Then how different can India claim to be from the other side of the world, that Indians are so trying so hard to criticize with a ‘holier than thou’ attitude?

PPS: (Added on Sep 29, 11:00 PM Eastern Time)

Here is the other video clip which claims this is what happened:

If the above clip is the entire episode, which I don’t believe it is, then Sardesai did punch first. So my argument above doesn’t hold much strength. But at the end of the day, the mob mentality of the crowd was in full force and there can be no two ways about condoning that behavior.

Now, with this video, it is clear, I also have to question Rajdeep Sardesai’s motives here.

Why would a reputed journalist like him put himself out there? Was he really expecting to get out that mob without getting physically assaulted after asking the kind of questions he did (which by the way is his right to do so as a journalist)…?

It shouuld have been a simple matter of acting sensibly by keeping a distance from that mob. And better yet, stay away from asking provoking questions in a political rally which has clearly gathered there in support of the Prime Minister. Almost, seems like he was expecting a reaction like this from the mob so that he could be part of a big story.



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