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In Search of God – Part III

This series still doesn’t make sense to me as I am really not in search of anything. But since I started it, it’s fun to continue this series with random thoughts which I think are related.

What is Religion?

Religion is one of the tribalistic tools adopted by Human Beings.

Tribalism amongst human beings is nothing new. As far as you can go back in the evolution/history of evolution books, you can find out how human beings always found ways to live in smaller groups among bigger groups. This is nothing but tribalism. We have always found ways to segregate ourselves into small groups within bigger groups.

Fictitious lines to separate ourselves as countries is one form of tribalism.

Linguistic barriers is another form.

Slangs within the same language is another form.

So on and so forth.

And then entered religion as another way to segregate ourselves, even though that was not the original intention.

Religion, to me is a psychological experiment gone astray. An experiment that was perceived to be necessary at a time, when empowering human beings with a sense of “moral code” was critical as seen by a few, the same few who defined that very “moral code”.

Ok. I won’t say the experimentation went completely wrong or out of control from Day 1. But progressively and exponentially it did, it did go wrong, although it probably worked exactly how it was intended to when it was introduced. But our species has completely lost control of that experiment now.

Yes, Religion is a psychological experiment producing decreasingly good effects and increasingly bad effects on our own species.

At some point, if the human species becomes extinct (I hope not), contrary to all the evolutionary phases up till now, when typically some stronger species or major climactic changes have resulted in the extinction of weaker species, our species, that is the Homosapiens, aka Human species, is likely to become extinct because of US. In other words, we could make ourselves become extinct. Meta!!

And no, this is not a doomsday prediction. An attempt to voice my concern, as I continue to search…..errr…Oh, never mind!