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Happy New Year 2015

Another year whisks by us. As always, the past year seems to have whisked past us much faster than the previous one.
But isn’t it merely a reflection of how distracted our lives seem to have become? We seem to be occupied with so many things on a daily basis that there is clearly a perception (perhaps a closer to real one) that we don’t have enough time to absorb everything we get exposed to. Each passing year, we seem to get worse in dealing with these distractions.

Here’s to a better us. Here’s to a better evolved us who could handle these things in a more mature manner.

Happy New Year! Happy 2015.


Besides fantasizing about being a Peter Gibbons at least for a couple of days at my work, I think I have a long way to go to realize some of the other fantasies. But like any ambitious man out there, I will get there! Note: All views expressed in this blog are mine alone and have got nothing to do with my company Cogent IBS, Inc., its employees or any of its affiliates.

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