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I couldn’t guess all the 14 cricket board emblems – Got 12 right and I had my doubts on 2 – UAE and South Africa (yes, I shamefully admit that SA was one emblem I couldn’t get it. Did they change it recently??). Anyways, that’s not the point of this blogpost and I don’t know why I wanted to expose my ignorance.

As I force myself to get into the world cup mood and also force myself to get this blogpost out on the same topic before the world cup actually begins, like most Indian cricket fans, I struggle with a single source of sadness – “What will India do without Ishant Sharma?”, I have to highlight the fact this question alone has been the sole reason for keeping my mood dampened all these days and weeks.

But seriously, in the day of instant gratification & instant reactions through Twitter and other social media platforms, where even a T20 game could test one’s patience at times, who thought of this format for CWC2015? Two groups with 7 teams each? Seriously?

I don’t like to get into the whole predictions game,  but this format is clearly designed in such a way that even the riskiest of the gamblers don’t lose much during the initial phase of the tournament. Two groups to play in a round robin format with 7 teams each and 3 out of those 7 teams are the ones that have rarely made an impact on the international cricket scene.

Anyways, what was I saying? Right….India’s prospects at this world cup.  Hmmm.
Just hold on…
“Can you refill my glass with some more wine please?”