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The Kids Are Doing All Right

Four Stories

Story 1

A friend’s daughter (14) bags the second spot in the 2015 National Geography Bee Championship.

Story 2

A friend’s son (14) wins the 2015 Grade 4 ITF Clay Court Singles Tennis Championship in Sweden.

Story 3

A friend’s daughter (14) grabs the All Around 5th spot in the 2015 Australian National Gymnastics Championships.

Story 4

A local 12 year old boy (not a personal acquaintance) decides to help out homeless people in the Detroit neighborhood not out of whim, but simply based on what his heart told him to do. He now has made this as his mission in life (among other things such as playing for the Tigers, becoming the President of the country, etc.) – that he wants to eliminate homelessness completely.

I heard/read about all the above stories in 4 different & disjoint instances in the past couple of weeks.

Tonight, I sit back to assimilate & chew on these four stories and I somehow feel compelled to connect them all in a way that makes it meaningful to the father in me.

I feel proud of these kids – simply because I share the same timeline with them during Earth’s cosmic travel.

I feel inspired by what they have achieved.

I feel happy for their parents.

I want to take the very essence out of these stories, all of which are enormously inspiring in their own right, to say the least.

Yes, The Kids are doing all right. They just need love, guidance & assurance that they are doing all right!!

……..And I just need to remember that every day.