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People’s President

Don’t think there will be another President of India who will be as universally & unequivocally loved and respected as Dr. Kalam was/is.
To quote a man (Srijan Pal Singh), who by virtue of spending many days and months together with Dr. Kalam during the last 6 years could qualify as “Kalam’s man”, Dr. Kalam didn’t want to be remembered as a Scientist, Technologist, Visionary, President, Scholar, Author….but..but..he wanted to be remembered as a “Teacher”.

May the next generation get to see an India you so passionately believed and hoped is capable of becoming one day. Advantage India.

Goodbyes should be short. Really short.
So long Dr. Kalam!

APJ Kalam playing Veena
APJ Kalam playing Veena