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Pink Out Day

Is there no other way?

As Congress slumbers through another day,
You are left with no choice but to say,
Is there really no other way?

Why are you bent on snatching away,
The little something that women may
Use when their health goes astray?
Is there really no other way?

No. Perhaps, there is no other way.
For you men with hair full of gray,
Who, in the name of religion will always slay,
The rights of women ‘cos you want them to obey.

Oh, Old white men of Congress who won’t just fade away,
What a shame,  it is to see you bring women’s health into the fray!
Is there really no other way?
To you, the misogynistic men, It may be just another day..

But for those who stand for women’s rights and have something to say,
And all those who want to fall into this array,
To express our support for women and let you men know where we stay,
Perhaps there is a way, for today is Pink Out Day!

PS: Dear Congress, Stop Hating Women!