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Hello America, This is 2016!

This is 2016. And we are talking about United States of America, the self proclaimed “most advanced country” in the world and unquestionably the center of all economic power & the most critical global influencer.

And yet, we have states like Texas, who have systematically fought the abortion laws by making it harder and harder for women to get abortions. Texas, the most populated state in the country has only about 10 abortion clinics in the whole state (down from 40 a few years ago), making the average distance per county to be 111 miles for the nearest clinic, if a woman needs it.

If this is not a systematic display of state’s misogyny, what else is?

I really can’t fathom how in 2016, in the most advanced country in the world, would men get to dictate what women should do to their bodies, that too in the most cruel and inhuman ways.  Now, “It’s more complicated than a simple women’s choice” argument is complete b***sh*** and you know that, if you ever want to bring that up. So, please shut up and accept is it a simple case of men exercising their authority over women. Period.

Also, if you start claiming that these laws are about “women’s safety”, again, I would say “Please stop spitting crap and shut your t**p, because you have no idea what you are talking about.”

And it angers me once again, that the Supreme Court has been roped into opine on a case, while in my opinion there is really no case to begin with, as it is a case of violation on the part of states like Texas to deny abortion to anyone – Violation of the original Row vs Wade ruling, which incidentally is the law of the land.

Here is John Lever’s take on this.

Meanwhile, I really hope that the huge vacuum left by the evil justice Scalia actually works in this case’s favor as it is being heard in the Supreme Court this week.