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The crisis that shouldn’t have been – Part 2

Should Rick Snyder go?

Here is the first part I wrote about 2 months back. And no, I didn’t think I would have to write Part 2 then.

Several things have happened since my last post. To be precise, several facts have come out (which were not known then or not disclosed to public then). My general goal for the last post was to highlight three things –

  1. This crisis could have been avoided and such things shouldn’t happen in a developed nation
  2. Don’t politicize this issue
  3. Calling for Rick Snyder’s resignation is the easiest thing to do

In this post, I really want to revisit the third point, i.e. Rick Snyder’s resignation. And why do I want to do that?

Here are some quick facts that I know now and didn’t know then.

  1. Rick Snyder had been aware of the crisis much much longer than he made us believe originally. He is the governor of the state and the buck stops with him. His office releasing 1000s of emails voluntarily is certainly commendable but the uncomfortable truth is that he himself was made aware of the magnitude of the problem as early as October 2015 (In November 2015, his advisor was advised by a deputy director of MSP emergency management to declare emergency right away).
  2. Rick Snyder knew of the spread/increase in the Legionnaires’ disease in Genesee county as early as March 2015.
  3. Since Jan 5, 2016, after declaring emergency, Rick Snyder has been more focused on working on repairing his reputation than any real interest in taking responsibility for what happened. His attempts to take ownership so far have been short of genuine in my opinion and have been superfluous with the focus being mostly around his PR.
  4. Finally, the legal cost that he and his office is incurring are being very cleverly billed back to the state, which means, we the Michigan tax payers will be paying for that. In other words, we are being punished twice by Gov. Rick Snyder and his office. That’s just not acceptable.

Based on what I know now, I think it is time for the responsible citizens of Michigan to put pressure on Gov. Snyder to do the right thing.

1) Take complete ownership, by which I mean he should come out in the open and say that it was a blunder and that he knew of the problem since March, 2015, but he didn’t do squat.

2) Pay for the legal fees from his pocket or make his lobbying friends from the million dollar club pay for it.

3) Stop worrying about his PR and his reputation and instead work on fixing the problem by being cooperative with the Federal government.

If he fails to do any of the above by a certain time, it’s time for us to push for his resignation.

Side note: The GOP political field successfully stayed away from talking about this for so long..till they had no choice. That was when they had to get ready for the Michigan Primaries on March 8, 2016. And in that one debate, I think the candidates must have spent something like 5 minutes put together talking about the crisis. I don’t know about you. This is not just amusing but completely pathetic & unacceptable to me.