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Bond Garu Theme

You know how a light hearted joke or a fun conversational thread with friends can go out of control? Yes, this is one of those instances…which resulted in something creative (for me).

Here is a South Indian take on the famous James Bond Theme –
Presenting the “Bond Garu Theme”.

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An Illusion of Democracy

“Dad, but ..if he has the majority..why would they do that?”
“Well..that’s what ‘The Establishment’ wants. The Establishment hates him..”
“What is ‘The Establishment’?”

One of those days and one of those Dad-Son political conversations which drifted towards open conventions and super delegates. But this time around, I was short of words. Stumped.

What’s the best way to explain to a eleven year old that the illusion of democracy that the system has created for us is stronger than the real democracy? How do I explain to him why many of us would much rather ignore that illusion?

But first, how do I explain to him what “Establishment Politics” really is…?

In this US Presidential election season, more than ever, I have been able to clearly see how the establishment decides what’s best for the respective party. These primaries and caucuses are such an utter waste of money and in many ways, in my opinion, they are completely worthless.

Why put the country through such a rigorous pain for,  18 months plus only to have a bunch of influential & rich party lobbyists aka the establishment decide the nominee, which they could have very well done much earlier (similar to how it works in the Indian and UK system)?

This, of course applies to both parties.

If the Super Delegates on the Democratic party side is a big joke, then the whole caucus cycle is a bigger joke on both sides.

On the GOP side, what happened in Colorado in 2016 shows what a mockery the process can be made out to, if the establishment pleases, all within the perfectly laid out framework of rules established by the “party”.

Long live this Illusion!

As long as American people don’t wake up, the fine line between this illusion and reality will only continue to get blurred more.