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Of Mighty Men and Measly Gorillas

I am sure you have read about or heard of the Harambe murder.
So, before I talk about anything else, please go ahead and sign this petition if you truly want to have a meaningful conversation come out of this tragedy and to affect a very real consequence follow the heartless murder of a helpless animal.

In case you missed the link above, here it is again..


As I uploaded the image above of Harambe, I had to pause for a moment and stare deep into this majestic but helpless animal’s eyes. My eyes became a bit moist.

Look, I am not going to pretend like I knew exactly what happened leading up to the murder of this gorilla, on that tragic day. But I have read, heard and seen enough video clips to understand what happened. More than 48 hours later, I have also had the opportunity to not let my impulsive emotion type this.


Today, when I read the mom’s unapologetic reaction to the whole episode and her remorseless words, it made me angry.

Her audacity to thank “GOD” for saving her child infuriated me.

And finally, when I saw Cincinnati Zoo Director, Thane Maynard give an official press statement stating that they would do it all over again if this were to happen again… just tipped me off.

We as a species deserve to go extinct and that may be nature’s only way of restoring balance in this planet, because human beings have just lost control of their own arrogance. And I hope, when that happens, we are treated just like the way Harambe was murdered.

Till then, I will keep shedding tears for every Harambe out there..but whenever I can, I will fight to save a few.

Things I have decided in principle, to implement asap:

1) Will never visit the Cincinnati Zoo till a meaningful action is taken (including punishment for Thane Maynard and officials who MURDERED Harambe).
2) Teach my kids about endangered species a bit more. We talk about it all the time as a family. But now, I want to work with them to identify either a long term ambitious project, which we as a family can work on or pick a more short term goal which is related to help conserving endangered species. Will keep a tab on this.

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Donald Trump announces his VP Pick

And surprises everyone

New York — (Fictional Bureau) May 20, 2016

10:45 AM

In what is widely being perceived as a surprise move, the leading GOP Presidential Nominee Mr. Donald Trump announced his running mate for the 2016 General Elections, catching everyone in his staff completely off-guard, once again. It was confirmed by Dr. Ben Carson, the chair of his VP candidates search committee, that even he was not aware of Donald Trump’s pick till the eleventh hour. Going one step further, Dr. Carson shocked everyone by stating that he hadn’t even heard of the running mate’s name till Mr. Trump whispered it in his ears.

The Republican Presidential candidate, on Tuesday, announced that his VP pick is an outsider just like him and is someone who will prove to the world how irresponsible the media has been all along on their manufactured stories revolving around his ‘alleged’ misogynistic behavior and divisive & discriminatory words and deeds. By picking a woman of Hispanic origin as his running mate for the 2016 general elections, the likely GOP nominee has perhaps made his first move to win the trust of both women and hispanic voters, amongst whom, he is currently polling at less than 5% nationwide as per the latest liberal media polls.

Juannita Millerina

No one knows much about Mr. Trump’s VP pick Ms. Juannita Millerina at this point of time, except that she was a 2002 Miss Universe contestant. Mr. Trump and Ms. Millerina worked closely together to fix the final outcome of that year’s contest, which Ms. Millerina eventually won. It is rumored that they may have developed a very healthy professional relationship since then, although very little information is available to indicate under what capacity Ms. Millerina may have been working for Mr. Trump or his Miss Universe pageant organization, all these years.

11:58 AM


Reliable sources confirm that Donald Trump’s VP pick is none other than Donald Trump himself posing as a Latino woman named Juannita Millerina.

We cannot confirm yet if it was Donald Trump who posed as Juannita Millerina to win the 2002 Miss Universe contest and if yes, then who may have posed as Donald Trump in the picture below.

Donald Trump with Juannita Millerina. 2002 Miss Universe Award Ceremony.
Donald Trump with Juannita Millerina. 2002 Miss Universe Award Ceremony.
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When Mom goes outta town

Kids, Be Careful what you wish for…

That was me – this past weekend. Well, sort of..

When the going gets tough, just remember that there is a fruit waiting for you at the end of your suffering.
-Self Quote

Day 1

“Dad…Is Mom gone?”
Yay!! What’s for dinner?”
“Give me 45 minutes. I’m cooking.”

(Later that evening)
“Don’t know what this is. 
Tastes yummy. You are a great cook Dad..”
“Thank you!”

Day 2

“Dad, is this the same stuff you made last night?”
“Yes. But I have repaired it a bit today. Tastes better now I think. Do you like it?”
Hmmm. Kinda..

“Dad, Can we order some food from outside?”
“Sure. But we have to finish the other dish I made yesterday. So a bit of this and a bit of that. Okay?”
What? C’mon! O-k-a-y.

Day 3

“Oh No!! Dad, can you make something else for lunch? Pr..etty please..”
“Well. We have to finish this NOW.”


“Dad, this doesn’t taste like how it did on Thursday. What did you do to this?”
“Oops. Don’t eat that. 
S-T-O-P…N-O-W! I may have added Tayga’s kibble to this.”
Yuck!! Disgusting Dad..

Day 4

“Dad, really hungry now..Can we eat lunch later?


“Dad, Can we eat fruits for dinner?”
Sure. Me too. Great idea!!

(Silence for a few hours)
Dad, when’s Mom coming home?

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24 – The Movie


I watched this movie in a theater with a really awful sound system. Even though I had vouched that I wouldn’t come back to this theater to watch a Tamil movie again (after I watched Kadal a few years ago), today, I had to make a choice largely due to some traffic congestion issues.

12 points on 24

  1. I really wish Vikram Kumar or his team had done a final edit of the movie after watching it with 100% “audience hat” on, without any emotional connect. I am sure they would agree with me if I told them that the movie felt a tad too long.
  2. Not necessarily an entirely novel concept to moviegoers in general with time travel and all. But for Tamil audience, an absolutely original storyline with a very familiar twin brothers backdrop.
  3. Vikram Kumar has done an extremely good job with his script to make it very refreshing and very engaging.
  4. The movie starts off in 1990. I can’t recall science labs and scientific gears resemble anything like what they have used in the movie, but I have to admit that I fell in love with the props and everything else. The art directors Amit Ray and Subrata Chakraborty deserve multiple high-fives. The props and scientist gear took me back by a century at least if not more, but the coloring and the overall texture of the scenes made sure this aspect blended well with the movie. So much so that they became a highlight of the movie.
  5. Cinematography by Thiru is top notch. The train chase sequence, The estate and its surroundings (which were shot in Poland) have come out beautifully on screen and the overall skin color of the movie is simply outstanding. I can’t say enough about how visually appealing the whole movie is.
  6. Music by AR Rahman. Enough said. My biggest regret is that I couldn’t watch the movie in a better theater.
  7. Suriya has played all the three roles with aplomb. Minute variations in body language to tonal differences, etc.
  8. The whole sequence around Saranya’s family reunion towards the end could have been chopped off – At least a bulk of it.
  9. The chemistry between Suriya and Saranya, as son and mother is awesome on screen.
  10. Am a fan of Nithya. And she can do wonders on screen. In this movie she had to play a pivotal but short role and she has knocked it out of the park.
  11. Samantha – She does what she has been doing of late. Brilliant work in a very repetitive character that she has been getting to play of late.
  12. Overall, Vikram has done a very decent job to make 24 the movie, a very engaging movie. He has worked very hard to write a script that would cater to multiple age groups. The only challenge here is when you do something like this, you tend to overdo sequences, lines or certain sentiments and I felt that team behind 24 may have fallen into that trap here and there throughout the script. But nothing to take away from what a gigantic achievement this movie is for the team. Really hope this paves the way for many more moviemakers to dream of making more fantasy thrillers and I also hope that the Tamil movie audience shows their support to movies like these.