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Of Mighty Men and Measly Gorillas

I am sure you have read about or heard of the Harambe murder.
So, before I talk about anything else, please go ahead and sign this petition if you truly want to have a meaningful conversation come out of this tragedy and to affect a very real consequence follow the heartless murder of a helpless animal.

In case you missed the link above, here it is again..


As I uploaded the image above of Harambe, I had to pause for a moment and stare deep into this majestic but helpless animal’s eyes. My eyes became a bit moist.

Look, I am not going to pretend like I knew exactly what happened leading up to the murder of this gorilla, on that tragic day. But I have read, heard and seen enough video clips to understand what happened. More than 48 hours later, I have also had the opportunity to not let my impulsive emotion type this.


Today, when I read the mom’s unapologetic reaction to the whole episode and her remorseless words, it made me angry.

Her audacity to thank “GOD” for saving her child infuriated me.

And finally, when I saw Cincinnati Zoo Director, Thane Maynard give an official press statement stating that they would do it all over again if this were to happen again… just tipped me off.

We as a species deserve to go extinct and that may be nature’s only way of restoring balance in this planet, because human beings have just lost control of their own arrogance. And I hope, when that happens, we are treated just like the way Harambe was murdered.

Till then, I will keep shedding tears for every Harambe out there..but whenever I can, I will fight to save a few.

Things I have decided in principle, to implement asap:

1) Will never visit the Cincinnati Zoo till a meaningful action is taken (including punishment for Thane Maynard and officials who MURDERED Harambe).
2) Teach my kids about endangered species a bit more. We talk about it all the time as a family. But now, I want to work with them to identify either a long term ambitious project, which we as a family can work on or pick a more short term goal which is related to help conserving endangered species. Will keep a tab on this.