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The Apple Appreciation Society

The Apple Appreciation Society

They say without Central Asia there would be no Apple.
And I never wondered why!
May be Syria, May be Iran, May be the Turkic peoples,
But someone, somehow made it to North America.
All the way to Cupertino and beyond
‘Jobs’ created thus and are aplenty.

Be it for the shiny persona,
Be it for all the delectable simplicity,
Be it for its multi purpose resourcefulness,
Its core defines the Apple – sometimes single and sometimes dual.

Color makes it distinct, and we all have a preference;
Once you own one, you consume it without any hindrance.
Holding an Apple apparently makes you a hipster,
I just learned about it, while I let those onlookers snicker.

If there ever is one, I am already a member
of this exclusive ‘Apple Appreciation Society’.
Use it once and use it twice, why? use it everyday.
Geniuses may want you, but the Doctors will stay away.