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Know your Halloween Candy Giver Types

Last night, when I was walking around the neighborhood with my daughter (my son, who is 12 now went trick-or-treating on his own with a friend…sigh!! They do grow up fast..), I realized that I was enjoying this experience of being in the block in a semi-dark ambiance, running into known and mostly unknown faces. We normally exchange quick pleasantries and wish each other “Happy Halloween”. But since this kind of face to face exchanges with my neighbors (so many at a time) don’t happen that often on a regular basis, this experience has always been special.

All of us, the trick-or-treaters, walking around on a Halloween evening had a purpose of joy, one that of simply letting our kids collect candies (or whatever) and had a purpose of satisfaction, one that of seeing the kids’ faces let out bright smiles, when they walk back to the road victoriously after each conquest. Also, that hour or two is a great equalizer for all of us neighbors (we have some 200 plus houses in our subdivision). Because the evening of Halloween brings everyone in the neighborhood out to walk  on the same trail.

Years of walking around the block with my kids on Halloween night has also given me a unique perspective on how each house (including ours) prepares for the Trick-or-Treat affair on October 31. And how I can classify these candy givers. Of course, this is a fun exercise and I could have done this classification based on what candies they give or based on so many other factors. But I decided to take this approach.

Here you go:

Halloween Candy Giver Types.jpg

Which type are you?