Who would have thought that the world of blogs could be so addictive? Just to give an outlet to my crazy interest to express myself on things that generally affect me or bother me or involve me, I decided to blog. And here I am.
Anything and everything in this blog has no real purpose…

Wait!! Actually, there is ONE purpose..

Ego Feed.

Sometimes I try hard to be funny, Sometimes I am funny unintentionally, sometimes I am not so funny intentionally and sometimes I am not so funny unintentionally.

Disclaimer: All views expressed in this blog are mine alone. They don’t represent my company’s (Cogent IBS Inc.) or any of its affiliates’ in any form.

3 thoughts on “Identity

  1. Nice to start with…seeing ur intro, after listening to some of your music…All the very bests for all your endeavours(thats my favourite word!)..being into variety of things…. keep us live, get going…something to look forward to, not being monotonous..
    Its a vibrant blog…will go through it slowly…
    take care…bye, Sharmila

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