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In Search of God – Part IV

A couple of years ago, a good friend and I were having the time of our lives laughing through our guts, as we were from Nuremberg to Berlin, Germany. There is always one topic that gets us going when we are together – That is Religion & God.  Ok. Two topics, if you want to get all technical and say that these two are actually unrelated.  But whenever we have an opportunity presents itself, we don’t miss that opportunity to talk about this. In other words, we don’t miss the opportunity tis hare our amusements and disgusts.

It was that evening when I had a major creative spark (and one of the two major sparks I have had on this topic). I had thought of an excellent plot line for a movie. An outright, rib tickling, comedy caper of sorts. But I will never be able to make that movie as we live in a highly sensitive world. And one of these days, I hope to share the plot line here on my blog without giving away too much and at the same time, without losing the comic impact it has on me.

The first major creative spark on this topic occurred again, when I was with the same friend. In short, we decided that we should  incorporate a Church. Given this is America, and how easy it is to start a Church and do many things right under the nose of IRS, we, in a very typical & a joking way had concluded that this should be a startup idea, that we should pursue one day.
Thank you John Oliver for running our party.

I know where my third spark is going to lead me to (and no this didn’t occur when I was with that friend). And I believe that this may have the highest probability of getting executed. I wanted this to happen in 2015 and now I have pushed it to 2016. We will see.

Meantime, my search continues..

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In Search of God – Part III

This series still doesn’t make sense to me as I am really not in search of anything. But since I started it, it’s fun to continue this series with random thoughts which I think are related.

What is Religion?

Religion is one of the tribalistic tools adopted by Human Beings.

Tribalism amongst human beings is nothing new. As far as you can go back in the evolution/history of evolution books, you can find out how human beings always found ways to live in smaller groups among bigger groups. This is nothing but tribalism. We have always found ways to segregate ourselves into small groups within bigger groups.

Fictitious lines to separate ourselves as countries is one form of tribalism.

Linguistic barriers is another form.

Slangs within the same language is another form.

So on and so forth.

And then entered religion as another way to segregate ourselves, even though that was not the original intention.

Religion, to me is a psychological experiment gone astray. An experiment that was perceived to be necessary at a time, when empowering human beings with a sense of “moral code” was critical as seen by a few, the same few who defined that very “moral code”.

Ok. I won’t say the experimentation went completely wrong or out of control from Day 1. But progressively and exponentially it did, it did go wrong, although it probably worked exactly how it was intended to when it was introduced. But our species has completely lost control of that experiment now.

Yes, Religion is a psychological experiment producing decreasingly good effects and increasingly bad effects on our own species.

At some point, if the human species becomes extinct (I hope not), contrary to all the evolutionary phases up till now, when typically some stronger species or major climactic changes have resulted in the extinction of weaker species, our species, that is the Homosapiens, aka Human species, is likely to become extinct because of US. In other words, we could make ourselves become extinct. Meta!!

And no, this is not a doomsday prediction. An attempt to voice my concern, as I continue to search…..errr…Oh, never mind!

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In Search of God – Part II

When I wrote the last piece, I really didn’t think I would continue to write on that topic. Least of all, I really didn’t plan on the immediate next post being the next part of what now looks like a series in making. Oh well. Blogging is full of surprises. Like Life. You never know where you are going to get the idea for the next post from.

But in Part II, I will keep it really short. While searching for god, which apparently I am now, because I am writing about it, a great thought occurred to me. “Greatness” being bestowed upon it by myself.

The luckiest job on this planet is to be someone else’s God.

When shit happens, they take all the blame on themselves.

When shit stops happening to them or even when the smallest of something good happens to them (leave alone anything really really good), you, as their God, get all the credit.  Yes, YOU get ALL the credit!


Isn’t that fabulous?

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In Search of God – Part I

The eagerness with which some of you may have clicked on this link will soon be quashed and for that I apologize in advance..

I am not trying to document my journey of searching for God and this not a multipart series of anything spectacular like that. Heck, for that matter, I am not even interested in searching for God – at least not now & not yet – the yet been thrown in only as a future defense mechanism.

Perhaps, I decided to title this post this way only because of a recent Thamizh TV episode, I happened to watch over the weekend, in which there was a debate.

Any debate under the topic of ‘Rational’ vs ‘Religious’ is not surprisingly new in an otherwise conservative society in Tamil Nadu. For that matter, Tamil Nadu may be the one of the two or three states in India, where openly atheistic leaders have managed to win elections and have successfully governed the state, without this being a central issue during governance. So, I am always proud of the fact that I got to grow up in a society which had its mind and ears open for both sides. As much of a rich Temple history the state has, it now also has a great recent history of Rational movement, led by Periyar in the 1950s/60s. In the broad canvas of human history, it can be argued that atheistic groups have always found it difficult to prevail in the long run, as the sheer power of what religious mass psyche can do is something that can’t be matched by the rationalists, because of the exact reason, that they are simply rationalists and they are not bound together by anything common that connects them emotionally.

This particular episode was very impressive only because of how the moderator handled the topic at a rather intellectual level rather than at an emotional level. Yes, the general debaters from both sides are from normal walks of life, so I am not entirely saying that all of them came prepared at an intellectual level to participate in a debate of that standard. The panelists made up for that.

Without dissecting the points discussed or analyzing the panelists’ views, I hereby share the link. This is in Thamizh, so if you don’t understand the language, I am sorry. May be, if I find the time, I will try to translate & summarize the key points in future.