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Donald Trump announces his VP Pick

And surprises everyone

New York — (Fictional Bureau) May 20, 2016

10:45 AM

In what is widely being perceived as a surprise move, the leading GOP Presidential Nominee Mr. Donald Trump announced his running mate for the 2016 General Elections, catching everyone in his staff completely off-guard, once again. It was confirmed by Dr. Ben Carson, the chair of his VP candidates search committee, that even he was not aware of Donald Trump’s pick till the eleventh hour. Going one step further, Dr. Carson shocked everyone by stating that he hadn’t even heard of the running mate’s name till Mr. Trump whispered it in his ears.

The Republican Presidential candidate, on Tuesday, announced that his VP pick is an outsider just like him and is someone who will prove to the world how irresponsible the media has been all along on their manufactured stories revolving around his ‘alleged’ misogynistic behavior and divisive & discriminatory words and deeds. By picking a woman of Hispanic origin as his running mate for the 2016 general elections, the likely GOP nominee has perhaps made his first move to win the trust of both women and hispanic voters, amongst whom, he is currently polling at less than 5% nationwide as per the latest liberal media polls.

Juannita Millerina

No one knows much about Mr. Trump’s VP pick Ms. Juannita Millerina at this point of time, except that she was a 2002 Miss Universe contestant. Mr. Trump and Ms. Millerina worked closely together to fix the final outcome of that year’s contest, which Ms. Millerina eventually won. It is rumored that they may have developed a very healthy professional relationship since then, although very little information is available to indicate under what capacity Ms. Millerina may have been working for Mr. Trump or his Miss Universe pageant organization, all these years.

11:58 AM


Reliable sources confirm that Donald Trump’s VP pick is none other than Donald Trump himself posing as a Latino woman named Juannita Millerina.

We cannot confirm yet if it was Donald Trump who posed as Juannita Millerina to win the 2002 Miss Universe contest and if yes, then who may have posed as Donald Trump in the picture below.

Donald Trump with Juannita Millerina. 2002 Miss Universe Award Ceremony.
Donald Trump with Juannita Millerina. 2002 Miss Universe Award Ceremony.
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An Illusion of Democracy

“Dad, but ..if he has the majority..why would they do that?”
“Well..that’s what ‘The Establishment’ wants. The Establishment hates him..”
“What is ‘The Establishment’?”

One of those days and one of those Dad-Son political conversations which drifted towards open conventions and super delegates. But this time around, I was short of words. Stumped.

What’s the best way to explain to a eleven year old that the illusion of democracy that the system has created for us is stronger than the real democracy? How do I explain to him why many of us would much rather ignore that illusion?

But first, how do I explain to him what “Establishment Politics” really is…?

In this US Presidential election season, more than ever, I have been able to clearly see how the establishment decides what’s best for the respective party. These primaries and caucuses are such an utter waste of money and in many ways, in my opinion, they are completely worthless.

Why put the country through such a rigorous pain for,  18 months plus only to have a bunch of influential & rich party lobbyists aka the establishment decide the nominee, which they could have very well done much earlier (similar to how it works in the Indian and UK system)?

This, of course applies to both parties.

If the Super Delegates on the Democratic party side is a big joke, then the whole caucus cycle is a bigger joke on both sides.

On the GOP side, what happened in Colorado in 2016 shows what a mockery the process can be made out to, if the establishment pleases, all within the perfectly laid out framework of rules established by the “party”.

Long live this Illusion!

As long as American people don’t wake up, the fine line between this illusion and reality will only continue to get blurred more.

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Outmaneuvering the Opposition for a SCOTUS nomination

Some folks call President Obama’s move to nominate appeals court judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court to fill the vacancy created by Antonin Scalia’s sudden passing, a master stroke or a “gangster” move – legally speaking.


And by no means, I am a judicial expert or someone whom claims to have any remote legal expertise. So what I am collating here is simply an analysis of the current situation juxtaposed with what I see as possible distribution of powers after the elections this year in November, all viewed through a thin prism of my political understanding.

Merrick Garland is a widely liked judge. Someone whose record has been praised multiple times by many GOP senators in the past. Apparently, his name has always come up in the shortlist of potential future nominees put together by Senate Republicans. Even though he is considered a moderate (not a liberal or a progressive), his reputation has been spotless so far. So, when it comes to voting up or down, many Republicans simply can’t come to terms with voting a “No” to Judge Garland.

Obama 1 : Senate GOP – 0.

Now, we all know the real issue here is Mitch McConnell’s obfuscating obstructionism. Not just McConnell, the entire lot has been caught in the grip. It is very understandable. The GOP senators fear losing their majority status come November. 34 senate seats are up for grabs this November and 24 of them are currently GOP seats. All Democrats need is to win 4-5 of them to take control of the senate in 2016. So, with the majority of the country (close to 70%) not being on the side of Mitch McConnell and his SCOTUS nomination obstructionist actions, there are these vulnerable senators from this basket of 24, who are worried about retaining their seats. I mean they arboreally worried because this is a real issue for their constituents.

And Obama’s tactics of throwing Merrick Garland at them is really like telling them “Hey, you know what’s going to happen in November. You are not going to win the Presidency. At least, try to keep your senate majority…and believe me you are not going to get anyone better than Judge Garland..”. This is not a high risk strategy. A calculated strategy. As it turns out, it is already working. Senator Kirk (IL) was the first one to agree to meet with Garland earlier today (breaking away from McConnell). As I type this post, the number of Republican senators likely to agree to meet with Garland is anywhere between 6 to 8.

Wow! That’s progress. Don’t you think?

Obama 2 : Senate GOP – 0.

Now, what if Obama’s calculated risk doesn’t pay off? What if the obstructionists prevail till November somehow and Garland’s nomination doesn’t come up for vote at all?
This is where it gets interesting.

This election has been like nothing we have seen before.

If Trump becomes the GOP nominee, going by the love we all know the GOP senators have for him, it will be a lose – lose situation for the senators, because everyone agrees (implicitly in some cases) that a Trump (or even a Cruz) nomination guarantees a Democratic Presidency. Most likely a Hillary Presidency. If that happens, no matter what happens in the senate races, Obama could simply withdraw the nomination and let Hillary take control of the nomination process come January 2017.  Then Hillary has all the freedom in the world to push the GOP senators in her first year to get her pick processed. If anyone were to guess, it would be one of those progressive nominees.

(Please see the attached picture for all the possible scenarios that I am predicting).

SCOTUS Scenarios
SCOTUS Scenarios

Obama 3 : Senate GOP – 0.

If GOP breaks into two before November and we have a three way tie to Presidency, it is bad news for the 24 Republican senators. There is every chance that the Democrats will take control of the senate. In addition, a three way tie is the equivalent of serving the Presidency on a gold platter, elegantly gift wrapped to Hillary Clinton. So, Hillary will get to do whatever she wants with the nomination in the shortest possible time after she takes office.

Obama 4 : Senate GOP – 0.

Now, I really think President Obama is prepared to play the long game. He is not too concerned if his legacy should necessarily include one more SCOTUS Justice nomination or not. Yes, it would not be a bad thing to add 3 justices to his legacy, but the pragmatic leader he is (btw, have you read the Obama Doctrine? If not, do read it..), he is absolutely comfortable to hand it over to the next Democratic President and have him/her take that credit.

By choosing Judge Merrick Garland (and not Loretta Lynch or Sri Srinivasan or a few others as I have listed in the picture attached), Obama has carefully avoided falling into the trap of his critics who could have gone on the record claiming..”There he is! A nominee who was selected not so much for his/her jurisprudence but more as a way to balance out the diversity in the courtroom because Obama is black..”. And by choosing a relatively moderate nominee, the POTUS is also playing it safe to his own base, even though his own base would much rather have preferred a progressive woman nominee or someone with a minority background with progressive leanings. He realizes that there is a good chance that Merrick Garland may not get confirmed till November, which means he could turn it over to Hillary and simply withdraw Judge Garland from the race. That is not good news for Garland (after seeing him get a bit emotional today, I would feel really bad for him should this situation arise), but this is part of the political game and he shouldn’t be surprised one bit that he could become a pawn in that play. An experienced scholar law he is, I am sure he is fully aware of what he is getting into.

Final thoughts: I am a learner of politics. I am fascinated by political negotiations  in general and strategies that politicians resort to outsmart their opponents. But at the end of the day, it is intelligent, smart and socially conscious politicians whom I admire the most. Politicians and leaders who think, articulate their thoughts clearly and are genuinely intelligent & humble are characteristics that I respect the most. Barack Obama is one such politician whom I have had the opportunity to follow & learn from. I respect him because he possesses most of what I admire in politicians.

His political acumen is often overshadowed by his oratory skills. His shrewd understanding of the world and a realistic assertion of where United States should be in the world map are often overshadowed by a perceived foreign policy weakness, as ably projected by his critics. His flamboyance is given more media coverage than his thorough scholarly approach he takes to governance.

I believe he truly believes in the goodness of people and genuinely thinks negativity can be wiped out by positivity. Some may call it naive and some may call it arrogance. But as far as I am concerned, it is simply his political smartness. He has used this as a weapon of sorts often during his past seven years to outmaneuver his opponents, every time he has run into a situation like what he is in now with the SCOTUS nomination.

Interesting times ahead.

Postscript: By the way, President Obama’s decision to announce his nomination today is a stroke of genius as well. A day after March 15. On 03/15, Trump won 4 primaries and kicked the establishment favorite Rubio out of the race. Even though he is a presumptive nominee right now, the establishment doesn’t want to make it easy for him. So, there are already discussions on a potential contested convention, with Trump threatening of riots should he be denied the nomination. All this makes the GOP presidential field a live wire and what better day to throw a match stick into the field than today?

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The crisis that shouldn’t have been – Part 2

Should Rick Snyder go?

Here is the first part I wrote about 2 months back. And no, I didn’t think I would have to write Part 2 then.

Several things have happened since my last post. To be precise, several facts have come out (which were not known then or not disclosed to public then). My general goal for the last post was to highlight three things –

  1. This crisis could have been avoided and such things shouldn’t happen in a developed nation
  2. Don’t politicize this issue
  3. Calling for Rick Snyder’s resignation is the easiest thing to do

In this post, I really want to revisit the third point, i.e. Rick Snyder’s resignation. And why do I want to do that?

Here are some quick facts that I know now and didn’t know then.

  1. Rick Snyder had been aware of the crisis much much longer than he made us believe originally. He is the governor of the state and the buck stops with him. His office releasing 1000s of emails voluntarily is certainly commendable but the uncomfortable truth is that he himself was made aware of the magnitude of the problem as early as October 2015 (In November 2015, his advisor was advised by a deputy director of MSP emergency management to declare emergency right away).
  2. Rick Snyder knew of the spread/increase in the Legionnaires’ disease in Genesee county as early as March 2015.
  3. Since Jan 5, 2016, after declaring emergency, Rick Snyder has been more focused on working on repairing his reputation than any real interest in taking responsibility for what happened. His attempts to take ownership so far have been short of genuine in my opinion and have been superfluous with the focus being mostly around his PR.
  4. Finally, the legal cost that he and his office is incurring are being very cleverly billed back to the state, which means, we the Michigan tax payers will be paying for that. In other words, we are being punished twice by Gov. Rick Snyder and his office. That’s just not acceptable.

Based on what I know now, I think it is time for the responsible citizens of Michigan to put pressure on Gov. Snyder to do the right thing.

1) Take complete ownership, by which I mean he should come out in the open and say that it was a blunder and that he knew of the problem since March, 2015, but he didn’t do squat.

2) Pay for the legal fees from his pocket or make his lobbying friends from the million dollar club pay for it.

3) Stop worrying about his PR and his reputation and instead work on fixing the problem by being cooperative with the Federal government.

If he fails to do any of the above by a certain time, it’s time for us to push for his resignation.

Side note: The GOP political field successfully stayed away from talking about this for so long..till they had no choice. That was when they had to get ready for the Michigan Primaries on March 8, 2016. And in that one debate, I think the candidates must have spent something like 5 minutes put together talking about the crisis. I don’t know about you. This is not just amusing but completely pathetic & unacceptable to me.


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Mr. Trump – Dr. Seuss Edition

Today is Dr. Seuss’s birthday..
So, How would Dr. Seuss decribe Mr. Trump?
Just a little imagination…

Dr. Seuss Clipart.jpg

Bump, Bump, Bump..

Did you check the latest polls that gave a jump?

He is no wump with a single slump. He is a man called Mr. Trump.

Mr. Trump just got a Super Tuesday jump, after one bump after another bump.

When he takes a dump through his mouth, Mr. Trump gets a seven point jump over every single wump who is running against Mr. Trump.

So, if Mr. Trump wants a bump, he just takes a clump of a dump on the rump of the chump, while he is on the campaign stump.

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Presidential Debate – Valentine’s Weekend Special

Where, I let my imagination run wild and create a fictitious debate. It’s all satire. If you are offended, I am not sorry..

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 12.18.42 PM

Welcome to the CNN Presidential Valentine’s weekend Debate. This is a special edition debate. Given the overwhelming entertainment these debates seem to offer in this election season, we have decided to surprise the American public with this special edition. And what better way to show how much these politicians love America, than having them debate their love for you, during this Valentine’s weekend, when there is so much love in the air. 

We have a highly energetic audience here at the Trump Hotel, Las Vegas and this is a debate where we will be discussing all issues that affect American public.  I am Linda Amorouspour, your lovable moderator for this special edition of Presidential debate. Woof Blabber is here with me to offer random thoughts, to say obvious things and in general to act as a filler audio provider, whenever I need a break. Now, ladies and gentlemen, may we have the candidates on stage please?

 [DT: Donald Trump, TC: Ted Cruz MR: Marco Rubio JB: Jeb Bush CF: Carly Fiorina JK: John Kasich BC: Ben Carson RP: Rand Paul CC: Chris Christie BS: Bernie Sanders HC: Hillary Clinton MH: Mike Huckabee BJ: Bobby Jindal WB: Woof Blabber LA: Linda Amorouspour]

WB: Wait. Where is Dr. Carson? 
TC: Don’t you know he has already quit the race?
JB: No. He hasn’t. Stop spreading rumors. 

LA: Woof..looks like he didn’t hear his name being called. I don’t see Trump and Kasich as well..

WB: Let’s try this again..Dr. Carson..

<Meanwhile, backstage..>

DT: Doc, smart move!
BC: Hello, how are you?
DT: You pretended like you didn’t hear your name being called on stage. Didn’t you? That’s what I did anyways. Always good to get special attention. Anything to get on those news headlines..
BC: Sorry, what did you say?

<A few minutes later..>

LA: So, Sen. Rubio..What..
CC: See, there he does it again. I want the audience at home watching this to put their basket of popcorn aside and pay close attention to this..Sen. Rubio..
LA: But Gov., I haven’t even completed the question yet and Sen. Rubio, to be fair, hasn’t started answering yet..
CC: This is exactly what Washington does to you Linda. You have this memorized 25 second talking point that you keep going back to. 
MC: Enough Gov. I give you credit for sabotaging my chances in New Hampshire. But this notion that I don’t know what I am talking about is wrong. I know exactly what I am talking about. I have a clear agenda and I know I have a memorized 25 second talking point that I am supposed to go back to whenever I run out of things to say or when I get thirsty..
CC: There he does it again..

<A few minutes later..>

DT: Shhh…Jeb. Let me talk..Listen Linda, I don’t know how you got this job to be the moderator, that too for this special edition debate, when the whole world is tuning in to watch me insult you. I think you have clearly not read my bestseller “How to moderate Presidential Debates?”. Why don’t you read pages 21-34 during the next commercial break and come back prepared? Hey Woof, seriously? This is your lovable moderator from CNN..? This is the best you’ve got? Couldn’t you find that other pretty face at CNN..who is it..yeah, Anthony Clipper..??
JB: Donald, That’s crossing the line. 
DT: Which line Jeb? The one your mom drew and asked you not to cross it? Huh..?
JB: <Shaking his head>..You are a moron.
DT: Shhh..Don’t talk Jeb. It’s my turn. It’s always my turn to speak.
JB: Yes, America knows that by now…ha ha..They are tired of seeing your face on TV screens. 
<Audience silent>
JB: Can I get a round of applause please?

<A few minutes later..>

LA: In this section of the debate, we will move onto a very important topic that is really..

LA: Doctor Carson, We can’t hear you.
TC: That’s exactly the problem Linda. The likes of Dr. Carson create so much disruption to the fundamental principles of our founding fathers and the constitution they so wonderfully have carved for our great country. I really don’t know how a man of Dr. Carson’s color could get a degree in Medical Sciences. It is really not God’s will. Don’t you see the problem with America in the last 7 years? How Obama’s racist policies are paving the way to create neurosurgeons like Dr. Carson? 
CF: I agree with Sen. Cruz. He is onto something. I have video proof and I have seen those videos myself, where President Obama is discussing with his cabinet to decide how to fill this country with doctors of color.
JK: Sen. Cruz and ..and..I don’t know how to prefix your name Carly..should I say, failed CEO Fiorina..?? anyways, you are getting into a dangerous territory here. Firstly, the country already has many doctors of color. In case you haven’t been to a hospital lately. Secondly..
MR: Secondly, this notion that Obama doesn’t know what he is doing is completely wrong. He knows exactly what he is doing. He is…
CC: There..There..See what I am saying.

<A few minutes later…>

HR: See Linda, isn’t that obvious how much Sen. Sanders hates Obama by now? I love him. Not, Sanders. I meant, I love President Obama. Everything he does and everything he did. In fact I have asked my husband to bake a chocolate cake for Valentine’s day for Mr. & Mrs. Obama. Talking about husbands, Bo and Sunny are the best dogs ever. Sen. Sanders doesn’t like dogs because he thinks only rich people can afford to have dogs. You should shed your stiffness a bit Senator. Loosen up and play with some dogs. Or grandkids. Looks like younger voters can’t relate to you. Look at my supporters. They can teach you a thing or two about how to attract young voters. 
BS: Yeah Right…Secy. Clinton, with all due respect and with more respect, I respectfully disagree with you. Bo and Sunny are not the best dogs ever. And no, I never said I hate Obama. Unlike you, a wealthy NY senator who can afford to delegate her husband to bake a cake and to have Goldman Sachs pony up the costI am baking a Valentine’s day cake myself for the first family and the total cost is only $27. I am doing it with all the love only I can offer.
<6 hours and 43 minutes later>
WB:.It’s 3:43 AM. 3:43 AM Eastern to be specific. Which would make it only 12:43 AM Pacific. And, the question really is, what time is it really in Chicago? Is it 11:43 PM or 2:43 AM? Of course, it is 2:43 AM. Chicago is only an hour behind New York, which as all the candidates know is on the Eastern Time Zone. What do you think Linda?
LA: Wow Woof. You are right. This has been a long evening. I think it’s time to wrap this baby up. Thank you ladies and gentlemen for your patience and all the cheering & booing. We are going to ask the candidates who are here to close their debate performance tonight with a Valentine’s day special poem..Isn’t that the most appropriate thing to do? Doctor Carson, we will start with you.

Ben Carson
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
My clothes are dirty
I’ve got some laundry to do

John Kasich
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
St. Peters just called me
And he wants me to hug you

Bobby Jindal
Roses are white
Violets are white
You are absolutely right
I am the whitest of white

Chris Christie
Roses are bloody Red
Violets are blistering Blue
I don’t have time for idiots
I want to beat their rear ends till they turn black and blue

Bernie Sanders
Roses are a Red revolution
Violets are a Blue revolution
1% and 27 aren’t just numbers
At least, till we have an equal solution

Mike Huckabee
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
To Duggar and Davis, I am the Jesus
Watch me bomb the muslims into pieces

Marco Rubio
The notion that Roses are Red
The notion that Violets are Blue
And all that you have read
Is just not true

Rand Paul
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Let’s get rid of Fed
‘Cos this life is only about you

Carly Fiorina
Roses are Fiery Red
Violets are Fiery Blue
I dream of  videos
Where the next one to be fired is you

Donald Trump
I don’t care much for Roses
I don’t care much for Violets
My ego is so Yuuuge
So, I’m going to break the rules, by making this poem not rhyme
And I will make writing Valentine’s day poem great again!

Jeb Bush
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Am not anyone’s puppet except may be of some special interests’
Trump can’t even complete a poem. See I can tell a joke or two..

..Clap please!..

Ted Cruz
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I wouldn’t say I hate you all
But I would carpet bomb every non-Christian who is who…

<32 minutes later>
And I will eat them in the house
And I will eat them with a mouse
Say! I will eat them anywhere..

LA: Excuse me, Senator..We will have to cut you off now. You are clearly reading those lines from Green Eggs and Ham. Secretary Clinton, your turn now.

Hillary Clinton
Roses are Red..well..may be
Violets are Blue..well..may be
Does it really matter? all that matters is
I can see them whichever way you want them to be

LA: That’s all we have time for tonight from Las Vegas. But before we close this debate tonight..

Sarah Palin’s voice echoes through the speakers.

LA: Is that Gov. Palin? How..where??
SP: is the grizzly mama..from Wasilla in the icy cold weather of bear huntin’ Alaskan native, who likes to make sure the voice of the great governor err..ex-governor as the liberal media would like to call me is heard without any interruption..
LA: Gov., how did you get connected to our system here?
SP: That’s easy Linda. Ask the next president of our great nation, Donald J Trump and he will tell you how I am speaking to you all now.
LA: So..

Sarah Palin
Red may be the roses for holy rollers
But in Murica we are the rock & rollers
God thumpin’ Violets are not blue at all
You the gun slingin’ god fearin’ beer chuggin’
See, I don’t even have to make an come up with a poem
Funy ahem..not funny..
Can I get a Hallelujah?

Woof Blabber: <Abruptly cutting Sarah Palin off>…That’s it from The Trump Hotel, Las Vegas. Thank you all for joining us. Have a good night!

<As the credits roll on the TV screens, one could hear Linda joking to Woof..>

LA: You know what Gov. Rick Perry’s poem would have been?

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Oops..What’s the third line?
<An echo of laughter follows..>




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Programming the Marcobot

It has been ages since I coded something in C. So, I had to do a quick refresher on “Programming in C” before I typed this. But didn’t have the patience to double check all syntaxes.
So, if this program doesn’t compile, you know why. On second thoughts, of course it shouldn’t compile. Get the drift? :p Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 3.19.33 PM

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The crisis that shouldn’t have been

Flint Water Crisis

People –

Well. The damage has been done. And right now, the people of Flint need lots and lots of support to get clean water till their regular water supply is restored. I do however hope that the effect of lead poisoning on their health (especially kids’) is minimal or in other words, not as disastrous as the initial studies projected.

City –

The city of Flint has been going through the worst possible socioeconomic crisis for the past 30-40 years. And just as it was trying to bounce back in the past couple of years, this happens. Right now, unfortunately, it is hard to feel optimistic for the economic conditions (and thus the social conditions) there to improve. A lot depends on how quickly the water situation is “sorted out” for local businesses to give the city another shot.

Politics –

Yes. It angers me like many normal citizens that this could happen in a developed nation and that too because of human negligence. Something that could have been avoided if not for human oversight and growing scientific ignorance. Absolutely unacceptable. After things got a bit out of control (largely due to national media getting a whiff of the dire situation), Gov. Snyder finally realized the magnitude of the problem. Or so it seemed. His PR team clearly kept him inside a cocoon for almost 7-8 months since the first signs of the lead poisoning story got out. Having said that, I do not believe, he would have made a conscious decision to either “poison the people of Flint” by switching the water source or “ignore the fact that they have been poisoned” after he found out how much lead there is. It was a matter of mismanagement and also perhaps a matter of the culture of governance, his administration was encouraging. I also feel he is the best man to fix this problem right now. Saw his interview on Fox 2 Detroit and it was clear that he was shaken by the effect of a bad decision on 100,000 residents of his state.

To call for his resignation is the easiest thing to do and that’s shortsighted. Yes, there is a huge political mileage one can get out of raising your angry voice against Gov. Snyder – but then if you really want to punish the people accountable for this crisis, it is not him. It’s a different matter that it is a politically correct thing for him to take full responsibility for the crisis, which he has done. Too little too late? I don’t know. For the sake of the people of Flint, I sure hope not.

But again, terming this a “racial genocide” is stretching it a bit too far and that reeks of politics, the kind we definitely don’t need during crisis. Some Democrats have already dipped their hands into this mess of politicizing the crisis and I hope they don’t make it uglier just because of Flint’s voter demographic. The last thing I would want is to see is Rev Jesse Jackson and the likes stirring up the emotions of an already bruised city.

On the other hand, it is very sad and very obvious that GOP leaders too want to politicize the issue for what it’s worth. So far, no GOP Presidential hopefuls have addressed this issue head-on and we all know why. Not once was this brought up during debates. Isn’t that appalling? That one of the two leading political parties in the country hasn’t shown a bit of human reaction to a national crisis of this nature…?? Again, I smell politics here only because GOP will gain nothing by helping out Flint, as that’s not going to change one bit as to how Flint will vote in the next election.

Here is Gov. Rick Snyder (his office) providing a timeline of events leading to Jan 16, 2016.
Clearly, a well “thought out” timeline, but also one that looks like it has been made by someone who doesn’t want to take all the blame.
(Image courtesy: Gov. Snyder)


As you would expect, The Daily Kos has found some missing dates/events in this timeline.

Closing thoughts: No matter how much you want to analyze or dissect what has happened, the focus now should be on fixing the problem first and then take a look at lessons learned, so that this disaster never reoccurs anywhere in the country.

Personally, my favorite article till now on this topic is this.
This article looks at the crisis from an organizational work culture standpoint.
Worth reading this, if you have time.