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When is the Next Wednesday in America?

It must be Wednesday in America.

Oh, wait, that was till the names of the suspects involved in the San Bernardino shooting tragedy were officially relased & confirmed late last night.

It must be another day in America.

While I’m not surprised at how easy it is to have fear engulf your minds only to manifest into wilder emotions such as anger, what I am surprised about is how media and politicians continue to stoke that fear, not realizing that once they spit those words of hatred targeting a particular community out, even if they did it in a speculative tone, they lose control of the discussion or the course of action that follows — all triggered by those words.

Even though the pessimistic me wants to say that America and Americans have long given up the debate on gun control just because they decided to completely sit on their fear and pride & do nothing, even after a humongous tragedy like the mass murder of young school kids in Sandy Hook, right now, the optimisitc me wants to think we have a choice. We do.

We could take the Islamophobic route and live in fear & thereby generating more anger. Or take a more practical approach of looking at the larger problem in our hands — Guns.

Because, when it’s time for the next Wednesday in America, for all you know, the mass shooter could be a non-muslim or even a white christian.